Intercultural training

When working with partners from another culture, you may experience friction or unexpected problems. An intercultural training seminar helps to become aware of cultural issues and to understand the foreign and your own culture better. As a result, the communication will be more effective and the cooperation smoother. This will enable your business to use resources more efficiently, as less energy gets lost on frictions.

Types of seminars

I offer shorter and longer seminars, depending on the needs of my clients:

Half-day seminars
In 3-4 hours you gain a first overview over the most important dimensions of culture. In addition, I share with you the most important etiquette rules for Japan or Germany.
Full-day seminars
A full-day seminar gives you the opportunity to not only hear about intercultural situations, but also actively practice the verbal and non-verbal aspects in an interactive workshop. We build on the experience you already have and use it as a basis for targeted training adjusted to your needs.
Two-day seminars
If you would for instance like to intensively prepare a business trip to Japan or to address specific questions, it may help to take more time. A two-day seminar allows to actively practice many different situations and interactions – not only how to correctly exchange business cards, but also table manners at traditional restaurants for a business dinner.

Contents taught

We start with an overview of what culture means, before looking at our own and the partners’ culture. We address various dimensions of culture and carve out commonalities and differences between your culture and Japan or Germany.

My clients take intercultural training seminars because they would like to avoid pitfalls and inadvertendly offending the other side.

I offer the seminars for both sides, therefore they can also help to improve collaboration in mixed teams.

Training seminars tailored to your business

Companies and businesses each have their individual needs. The priorities of a CEO and president of a medium-sized machine building company who would like to better serve his Japanese customers differ greatly from those of a controller working in a Japanese-German mixed team at a Japanese multinational corporate.

Bespoke seminars allow me to address these individual needs of my clients.

Participant feedback

“Maria is not only an excellent Japanese speaker, she also understands the service and hospitality mindset that is important to Japanese customers. With her rich knowledge and experience, she provided outstanding support our valued customers during technical visits and business negotiations. She is our most trustworthy interpreter.”

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