Simple emails can often be exchanged in English.

But when you would like to reach out to potential customers with marketing materials or a website in their mother tongue, a competent translator will help you by bringing the nuances of your source text to your target audience in a way they understand best.

Another application is the localization of user interfaces, both in software development and for machine tools and mechanical engineering. I have supported numerous clients for their localization needs.

Languages and subject areas

Some examples:

1. Japanese ⇔ German
Marketing materials, presentations and training materials for internal trainings are among the most common subjects. I have also localized user interfaces for German manufacturers.
2. Japanese ⇔ English
In the past I have translated websites and localized software user interfaces from Japanese into English.
3. German ⇔ English
I have translated official letters from political and business leaders, presentations and training materials among other things.

Translation of marketing materials and websites, localization of user interfaces

Interpreters not only need to know both the foreign language and their mother tongue, they also need extensive knowledge on the guven subject matter.

A good translator will be honest about their technical know-how, so for an assigmnent that is not within the scope of their own expertise, they will refer you to qualified colleagues who specialize in that field. For example a translator specialized in medical or pharmaceutical translations would not be the best person to translate real estate contracts or architecture documents. Through my broad network of colleagues with different specializations, I can always help you to find the right translator for your project.

Good translators read between the lines

The word-by-word translation of a text does not always yield the desired results. Therefore I analyze the source texts together with my clients and discuss with them the purpose and target audience. Depending on that, parts of the content might need to be grouped differently or the layout may be changed in order to imake the text more suited to the target audience.
Client testimonials
“Maria joined our team in autumn 2020 as a freelance translator for the Japanese language. Wiith our startup company Deutschfuchs, we develop a software for learning the learning the German language, and we are very happy about Maria’s support. She immersed herself into the project right right from the start, communicated clearly and devivered very professional work. I can only recommend working with her!”
Carolin Aschemeier

(Deutschfuchs Gesellschaft für digitalen Unterricht mbH)