While English is widely regarded as the global lingua franca today, not everybody speaks it well enough to have an effective communication. In such a case it helps to have the support of a competent interpreter who not only speaks the language of your counterpart, but also knows their culture.

I support you during research trips, business negotiations, trade show visits, installation and maintenance of machines and production lines and more. During such visits and negotiations I interpret consecutively and in both directions. Consecutive and liaison interpreting does not require any special technical equipment.

Languages and Subject Areas

Some examples:

1. Japanese ⇔ German
This is the language combination I work most frequently in. Typically I support my clients on fact finding trips, during negotiations on the purchase of a machine or production line, press conferences and cultural events.
2. Japanese ⇔ English
When my Japanese clients work with counterparts from non-German-speaking countries, for example at trade fairs, I interpret between Japanese and English.
3. German ⇔ English
I also interpret between German and English, for example as a simultaneous interpreter at product presentations of large multinational companies.

Linguistic support for fact-finding trips, business negotiations, trade shows, conferences

I accompany my clients on fact-finding trips and delegation visits and make sure that my clients and their counterparts are on the same page.

At conferences I provide simultaneous interpretation together with a colleague to ensure that the audience and the speakers can understand each other. In order to provide simultaneous interpretation, conference interpreters need a special soundproof interpreter booth and special technical equipment. Simultaneous interpretation requires a high level of concentration, therefore the two interpreters switch roles every 20-30 minutes. The silent interpreter supports her speaking colleague by writing down numbers or terms or by looking up supplementary information.

For both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter prepares ahead of time. The more information and materials  clients can provide beforehand, the better the interpreter is able to prepare and the higher quality the interpretation will be. It goes without saying that all information provided by clients is treated with strict confidentiality.

What excites me about interpreting

I could collect my first experiences as a community interpreter very early on, when I supported German-Japanese youth exchange while still in high school. It felt exciting to be able to help people who don’t speak the same language to have meaningful conversations.

Today I am always delighted to see when my clients and their counterparts are able to establish mutually beneficial business relationships, or when multinational projects are completed successfully.

Client testimonials
“Maria is not only an excellent Japanese speaker, she also understands the service and hospitality mindset that is important to Japanese customers. With her rich knowledge and experience, she provided outstanding support our valued customers during technical visits and business negotiations. She is an interpreter you can trust.”

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